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About the Late Dr Greg Bahnsen

Greg L. Bahnsen, Ph.D. September 17, 1948 -- December 11, 1995

Greg L. Bahnsen, (1948-1995), was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Southern California, specializing in the theory of knowledge. He previously received the B.A. (magna cum laude, philosophy) from Westmont College, and then simultaneously earned the M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Bahnsen lectured to a broad range of evangelical Christian groups at many colleges and conferences. He was an experienced apologist and debater, a clear and cogent teacher of the Christian worldview who was devoted to training believers in understanding and applying the Christian faith to every area of life. He published numerous scholarly articles, a number of well-known books, and has over 1,500 recorded lectures and sermons. NOTE: While Dr. Bahnsen died on December 11th, 1995, his audio tapes and written materials were, and still remain, the foundation for Covenant Media Foundation's ministry.


Articles By Dr. Bahnsen.

These articles are "some" of the many articles and books that Dr. Bahnsen has written over his short life time. I have made a separate page listing them for I feel that they are well worth the read. They have been downloaded from the Covenant Media Foundation website and are included here for your perusal and edification. For other articles you can go directly to the Covenant Media Foundation website from these pages:


Apologetics in Practice. This is a two-part article on apologetics by the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen. The application of apologetics in dealing with unbelief - interaction with the philosophy of Bertrand Russell. Presuppositional. " Training manuals on fire-fighting do not put out fires; the actual fighting of fires does. And when all is said and done, it is not the theory of apologetics which defends the faith and stops the mouths of critics. Only the practice of apologetics can do that." (Bahnsen)


At War With the Word- The Necessity of Biblical Antithesis. The antithesis between followers of God and followers of Satan is sovereignly inflicted as God's judicial curse. This enmity is not only social but also intellectual in nature, and, therefore, to ignore it in our apologetic is to compromise the gospel.


Cross-Examination: The Covenant Keeping God (Part 1). Of the many things which we can know about God from the scriptures - something which is too often ignored or played down by evangelical theologians - is that He is a covenant-keeping God. This is one of the primary attributes of God which the Bible reveals, an attribute which is intimately involved with what God has done and continues to do - with His works. Thus to know God as He is specifically revealed in His word - to know the God of the Bible - we must think of Him in terms of His covenant (Bahnsen)


Cross-Examination: Covenant Theology. (Part 2 of the work above.)


Cross-Examination: Practical Implications of Covenant Theology. (Part 3 of the work above.)

The Encounter of Jerusalem With Athens. What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? What concord is there between the Academy and the Church?... Our instructions come from "the porch of Solomon".... Away with all attempts to produce a mottled Christianity of Stoic, Platonic, and dialectic composition! We want no curious disputation after possessing Christ Jesus...!


For Whom Was God's Law Intended? . But we live in a confused day where even the obvious is obscure to many believers. Theological opinions are poorly thought out or accepted with little thought at all. Viewpoints which would have bewildered the apostles are conveyed and readily endorsed as gospel truth in churches and Christian organizations all the time -- including the idea that God's law was never intended for the Gentile world. Such thinking solicits scrutiny.


Hymns and Psalms or Psalms Only? Dr. Bahnsen dialogues with an advocate of exclusive psamoldy. Whatever side you are on it is an interesting subject, especially for those of us of the Reformed persuasion.


Is It Our Moral Obligation to Attend Church? Attending church is far from being the chosen Sunday activity for most people in our culture. This should not surprise us, of course, when those who sleep in, go to work, or find other recreations in the place of attending church are unbelievers. Unregenerate hearts do not seek God or find pleasure in worshipping Him. What is surprising (and dismaying) is that today many professing believers also neglect the corporate worship of God.


Infant Baptism: A Cross Examination. There are Christians who interpret the Bible in light of a basic, covenantal continuity between the Old and New Testaments. Other believers make a dispensational discontinuity between the Old and New Testaments their main principle of interpretation. These different orientations result in conflicting systems of theology, as we have seen, but they also lead to very specific, practical differences in living out the Christian life.


The Problem of Evil. Only when we become emotionally charged and intellectually intense about the existence of evil can we appreciate the depth of the problem unbelievers have with the Christian worldview -- but, likewise, realize why the problem of evil ends up confirming the Christian outlook, rather than infirming it (Bahnsen).


A Reformed Confession Regarding Creation. A timely statement, especially with what is happening in the PCA and other Reformed churches.


Revelation, Speculation and Science. Another article on apologetics by Dr. Bahnsen. "It is one of those embarrassing historical ironies that modern science could not have arisen except in the atmosphere of a Christian world-and-life view. Nevertheless, the scientific community today persists in playing the prodigal by assuming an antagonistic stance against the Christianity of divine revelation." (Bahnsen).



Van Til's Most Succinct Synopsis This the second excerpt from Dr. Bahnsen's book: "Van Til's Apologetics". A synopsis of his critique of the "traditional method" and a synopsis of the presuppositional apologetic that he feels is the best method to defend the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.

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