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The following articles are written as a defense of the practice of covenant communion (paedocommunion). Obviously, these are not exhaustive and many other writings may be found elsewhere as well as knowing that there still is the need for much more to be written on the subject. You may want to go to the website to get more info. Please be open-minded about them and, of course, view them (judge them?) through the eyes of Scripture (our final and ultimate authority):


Presbyterian, Examine Thyself. This article is written by Rev. Jeffrey J. Myers, pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. It is a discussion on 1 Cor. 11 and young children coming to the Lord's Table. Used with permission.


The History of Paedocommunion From the Early Church Until 1550 - (offsite) A good essay by Rev. Thomas Lee. Also found, in part, on the Federation of Reformed Churches website. " Why not let baptized infants and children back into the Lord's Supper? This request is not nearly so strange once it is understood that infant observance of the Lord's Supper was widespread in the early church."


The Lord's Supper and Our Children - Article written by Rev. Steve Wilkins, pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, LA. Good article on the place/standing our covenant children have in regards to their membership in the covenant. There are four parts to this article. Used with permission.


The Presbyterian Doctrines of Covenant Children, Covenant Nurture and Covenant Succession. A great article (offsite) by Dr. Robert S Rayburn, senior pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Tacoma, Washington. Though not written, per se, about paedocommunion/covenant communion, this article shows the biblical ness of our covenant children as being "full" members of the Body and their standing before God. It also is included in the "Appendix" of the book: "The Case For Covenant Communion" listed below.


Also check out the newest book in regards to covenant communion written by several authors and edited by Gregg Strawbridge: The Case For Covenant Communion.

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