Ministerial Updates for February 2023

Ministerial changes reported in the Data Hub—the UCC’s information system for ministers and churches—for new positions/calls entered into the system in February 2023.

CC: Congregational Christian
CM: Commissioned Minister
DS: Dual Standing
LM: Licensed Minister
LMS: Lay Ministerial Standing
MID: Member in Discernment
MS: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
OM: Ordained Minister
POC: Privilege of Call
U: Unknown/No UCC Standing
P: Pastor
SP: Senior Pastor
DT: Designated-Term Pastor
CP: Co-pastor
AP: Associate or Assistant Pastor
IN: Interim Pastor
SU: Supply Pastor
Y: Youth Ministry
OL: Other local church position
MM: Minister of Music
CE: Director of Christian Education

U, Dustin Adkins, DT, Salem United Church of Christ, Denver, CO
U, Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava, IN, Park Hill Congregational UCC, Denver, CO
U, Alex Anaya, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA
OM, Carla Bailey, SP, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Duluth, MN
OM, Lilja Behr, CP, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Staples, MN
LMS, Carrie Beleno, AP, Union United Church of Christ, Neffs, PA
U, Eugene Blair, IN, Emanuel UCC, Manchester, MI
U, Thomas Blair, P, Saint John’s UCC, Boalsburg, PA
OM, Milton Brasher-Cunningham, P, Mount Carmel Congregational, Hamden, CT
U, Dane Breslin, P, Sunnyslope Church of the Brethren UCC, Wenatchee, WA
DS, Kelle Brown, SP, Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, Seattle, WA
OM, Lee Ann Bryce, SP, First Congregational UCC, Colorado Springs, CO
OM, Laura Callender, SP, Bethel UCC, Kansas City, MO
MS, Michael Cassady, P, Saint Peter’s Evangelical UCC, Kewanee, IL
OM, Jennifer Castle, P, Congregational Church UCC, Mercer Island, WA
OM, Karin Collins, AP, Juniper Formation, Denver, CO
OM, Deborah Conrad, SP, Parkview Congregational UCC, Aurora, CO
U, Jeanette Cooper Hicks, P, Westbrook Congregational Church, UCC, Westbrook, CT
OM, James Coran, IN, Saint Paul UCC, Saline, MI
U, Florentino Cordova, P, Diamond Bar UCC, Diamond Bar, CA
LMS, Laura Creech, SP, First Congregational United Church of Christ Nampa, Nampa, ID
OM, Corrine Dautrich, DT, Friedens UCC, Oley, PA
OM, Brooke Dooley, Y, Friends Congregational UCC, College Station, TX
OM, Scott Elliott, P, Nahant Village Church UCC, Nahant, MA
U, Jonathan Elsensohn, P, First Congregational UCC, Wellfleet, MA
U, Timica Emerson, AP, Christ the King United Church of Christ, Florissant, MO
U, Benjamin Fisher, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Niles, MI
OM, Alfred Gagnon, P, First Congregational Church, Kennebunkport, ME
OM, Amielia Giguere, P, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Harwich Port, MA
OM, Desiree Gold, AP, United Church of Christ in New Brighton, New Brighton, MN
OM, Elizabeth Goodman, P, Church On the Hill UCC, Lenox, MA
U, Marelu Greco, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA
OM, Charles Guerreno, IN, First Congregational UCC, Saint Clair, MI
U, Linda Gunter, SU, Saint John UCC, New Buffalo, MI
OM, Heather Haginduff, DT, Community Congregational Church, Manitou Springs, CO
OM, Terry Hanley, P, Grace Congregational UCC, Rutland, VT
OM, Philomena Hare, OL, Church of the Pilgrimage UCC, Plymouth, MA
OM, Carson Hawks, P, Magnolia UCC, Seattle, WA
U, Erin Henke, OL, Park Ridge Community Church, Park Ridge, IL
OM, Anne Marie Holloway, AP, First Congregational Church, Wellesley Hills, MA
OM, Anthony Hoshaw, SU, First Christian UCC, Burlington, NC
OM, Lucia Jackson, P, Day’s Ferry Congregational Church UCC, Woolwich, ME
U, Julie Jones, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA
OM, Linda Kowatch, IN, First Congregational UCC, Boulder, CO
U, Gayle Kubrock, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA
U, Lauren Lambert-Goheen, P, Saint Peter’s UCC, Murphysboro, IL
OM, Thomas Lawton, P, Deansboro Congregational UCC, Deansboro, NY
OM, Katherine Layzer, OL, First Church in Cambridge Congregational UCC, Cambridge, MA
OM, James Lumsden, DT, First Congregational UCC, Williamstown, MA
U, Michelle Madsen-Bibeau, IN, Plantsville Congregational UCC, Plantsville, CT
U, Jonathan Majhanovich, P, Community UCC, Pinedale, WY
OM, Meghan Malone, Y, United Church of Christ, Congregational, Medina, OH
U, Ben Mann, AP, Mayflower Congregational UCC, Englewood, CO
U, Sarah McCarty, OL, Park Ridge Community Church, Park Ridge, IL
OM, Peter McQueen, IN, Ravenswood UCC, Chicago, IL
OM, James Mitulski, P, Congregational UCC, Belmont, CA
U, Ashley Moore, Y, Christ the King United Church of Christ, Florissant, MO
U, Cana Moore, P, Gorham Community Church UCC, Gorham, KS
OM, Rick Mortimer, IN, Friedens UCC, Warrenton, MO
OM, David Nau, AP, St. John’s Grace UCC, Catonsville, MD
LM, David Nerswick, P, First Evangelical & Reformed UCC, Lowell, WI
U, Elizabeth Nickerson, AP, Saint Pauls UCC, Chicago, IL
U, Shelley O’Brien, CE, Park Ridge Community Church, Park Ridge, IL
OM, Bladimer Paeste, AP, Community Congregational Church UCC, Benicia, CA
OM, Deborah Pallatto-Fontaine, P, Second Congregational Church, UCC, Coventry, CT
OM, John Pawloski, P, Saint John’s UCC, Brighton, IL
OM, John Pawloski, P, St. John UCC, Wood River, IL
LM, Joshua Payne, P, Saint John UCC, Emma, MO
U, Alysha Petry, Y, Zion UCC, Union, MO
OM, Michael Piazza, SP, Arlington Congregational UCC, Jacksonville, FL
OM, Marjorie Price, AP, Community Congregational Church, Short Hills, NJ
LM, Jeffrey Remelius, P, Saint John’s-Bem UCC, Owensville, MO
OM, Susan Remick, SU, First Church UCC, Templeton, MA
U, Heather Robertson, SP, Saint Paul UCC, Pekin, IL
OM, David Schlieter, DT, Christ Congregational UCC, Fort Morgan, CO
OM, Judith Scott, P, Zion UCC, Mayview, MO
OM, Josh Simon, P, Emanuel Church, Hales Corners, WI
OM, Emily Tanis-Likkel, P, Alki United Church of Christ, Seattle, WA
LM, Aaron Tatum, P, Peace UCC, Hartsburg, MO
U, Margaret Thomas, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA
U, Morgan Tone, CE, Park Ridge Community Church, Park Ridge, IL
U, Hannah Turner, AP, First Congregational Church of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
OM, Tyler Ung, Y, Umstead Park United Church of Christ, Raleigh, NC
U, Melinda Veatch, SP, United Church of the San Juans, Ridgway, CO
OM, Robert Von Trebra, IN, First Plymouth Congregational UCC, Englewood, CO
OM, Douglas Vooys, P, Maple Street Congregational UCC, Danvers, MA
OM, Audrey Walker, DT, The Church of Christ Congregational UCC, Granby, MA
OM, Fredd Ward, AP, First Church of Christ Congregational in West Hartford, UCC, West Hartford, CT
U, Dan Waterman, SU, Saint John UCC, Beecher, IL
OM, Donald Wetzel, IN, Quentin United Church of Christ, Quentin, PA
OM, Marilyn Wilcox, P, The United Church of Clinton, Clinton, MA
U, Matthew Williamson, P, Federated Church, Gustavus, OH
OM, Mark Winters, P, Federated Church of Edgartown, Edgartown, MA
U, Jackie Wood, OL, First Congregational of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA

The Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data (CARDD) provides oversight of the UCC Data Hub through which ministerial changes are made. However, Conferences and Associations are responsible for reporting changes and maintaining ministerial records in this system. If you have questions about this information, please contact the appropriate Conference or Association.