Beth Walker

Elizabeth (Beth) Walker

Class of 2028, At Large

Elizabeth (Beth) Walker (Class of 2028, At Large) has been a member of Old First Reformed UCC in Philadelphia for over 25 years. She retired from the fulltime practice of law in June 2018 to commit her time and attention to the work of building community and promoting the transformation of our court system to be one focused on restorative justice. She does this work through POWER, an interfaith organization advocating for social justice. Beth is currently serving as Moderator of the Philadelphia Association. She also serves on the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference Nominating Committee and the Zachariah Walker Racial Justice Team. In the National Setting, Beth is on the Board of Directors of the Cornerstone Fund, a financial ministry affiliated with the United Church of Christ, currently serving as Chair of the Board. In addition, Beth is serving on the Manual on Church Working Group created pursuant to a Resolution of the 32nd General Synod Resolution tasked with providing clarity about Local Church covenant and autonomy, parameters for Local Church accountability and the oversight of Local Churches along with a Manual on the Local Church, akin to the Manual on Ministry. At Old First, Beth serves as Director of Community Engagement. She is involved in the Outreach Ministry to the Homeless and is on a Joint Venture Ministry Team working on the construction of permanent supportive housing for 34 previously homeless individuals on the church property.