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“UCC Faith Community Nurse Network: Linking and Touching Lives for Healing and Wholeness.”
An Informational Manual on Faith Community Nurse Ministry Within the United Church of Christ. Revised 2015.



The development of programs of wellness ministry and the role of the faith community nurse continues to evolve. To provide only a list of specific resources would be limiting since it can very quickly go out of date. For that reason we have provide a combination of both general resources as well as some specifics. It is by no means meant to be an all inclusive list.

Since each of our UCC churches is an independent entity and is populated by individuals with different gifts and needs, each health ministry program has commonality, but it also is by necessity unique to that congregation. As you investigate and then develop a wellness ministry you may find the following sources of information and resources helpful.





The faith community nurse bridges two disciplines and as such must be prepared in and responsible to both. Educational offerings in nursing have expanded along a continuum to now range from continuing education programs with extensive contact hours to baccalaureate and graduate level nursing courses.

Academic Institutions

Some theological schools and universities offer courses or programs of study for nurses that provide education on spiritual and pastoral care. Some educational programs are offered within facilities and others are offered on-line

UCC and Other Educational Programs

  1. At the Conference and Area levels of the UCC there are educational opportunities. Call your Conference office to learn what is going on and what support they might have for your efforts.
  2. Contact a FCN from the FCN Leadership Network or someone in your area on Membership List to learn of opportunities.
  3. Contact the office for your State’s Council of Churches to learn of any opportunities.

Professional Nursing Conferences

The Health Ministries Association Annual Conference and The Westberg Symposium provide opportunities to learn from colleagues in the field.

Educational Resource Centers

Educational resources centers have developed all over the country. One of the first was the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. This center developed a curriculum that is taught in various sites. To learn where these continuing education offerings are available go to the website https://westberginstitute.org/.


Keeping up to date with the release of new books, videos, and manuals that support our work is an ongoing task. The following list of publishers and their current books gives you a sampling of what kind of supports are available both from diverse groups.

United Church of Christ Resources www.uccresources.com

Pilgrim Press www.thepilgrimpress.com


Abingdon Press www.abingdonpress.com

American Nurses Association  www.nursingworld.org or www.nursebooks.org

Augsburg/Fortress  Press www.augsburgfortress.org

Elsevier / Mosby www.elsevier.com

Haworth Press   www.haworthpressinc.com

Health Ministries Association www.HMAssoc.org

International Parish Nurse Resource Center www.ipnrc.parishnurses.org

Jones and Bartlett www.jbpub.com

Judson Press www.judsonpress.com

Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins www.lww.com

Morehouse Publishing www.morehousegroup.com

Prentice Hall  www.prenhall.com/nursing          

Willowgreen www.willowgreen.com



The Partnership Center – Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services  http://www.hhs.gov/about/agencies/staff-divisions/iea/partnerships/newsletter/index.html


Health Finder – Live Well. Learn How.  http://healthfinder.gov

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