Social Policy Statements on LGBT Concerns

by United Church of Christ National Bodies

Since 1969 various national settings of the United Church of Christ have addressed the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in church and society, calling for welcome, inclusion and justice. On this page you will find a comprehensive list of the pronouncements, resolutions and other actions adopted by the General Synod, Executive Council and other UCC national bodies. You will also find links to the texts of these actions.

List of Actions

2021, “To Ban the Practice of Conversion Therapy” 33rd General Synod

2021, “A Commitment To Gender Safety and Equity in Ministry Settings” 33rd General Synod

2019, “Calling Upon The United Church Of Christ Board To Bring Bylaws Revisions That Include Non-Binary Gender Language” 32nd General Synod

2017, “Affirming and Supporting the Authorized Ministries of Under-Represented Clergy in Local Congegrations: A Call For Greater Representation and Economic Justice” 31st General Synod

2015, Reaffirming Our Commitment to Full Equality For Persons of Any Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity of Gender Expression“, 30th General Synod

2013, “Against Bullying and Discrimination“, 29th General Synod

2011, “Supporting International Human Rights Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity“, 28th General Synod

2011, “The Right of LGBT Parents to Adopt and Raise Children“, 28th General Synod

2009, “Affirming Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education in the Public Schools“, 27th General Synod

2005, “Equal Marriage Rights for All“, 25th General Synod

2005, “Equal Marriage Rights for All“, 25th General Synod with the background text.

2004, “Call to Action and Invitation to Dialogue on Marriage“, Executive Council

2003, “Affirming the Participation and Ministry of Transgender People within the United Church of Christ and Supporting their Civil and Human Rights“, 24th General Synod

2003, “Reaffirming the United Church of Christ’s Denouncement of Violence Against Lesbian and Gay People and Calling for the Inclusion of Transgender people within that Anti-violence Statement“, 24th General Synod

2003, “The United Church of Christ and the Boy Scouts of America“, 24th General Synod

1999, “Prevention of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Suicide“, 22nd General Synod

1999, “Affirming and Strengthening Marriage“, 22nd General Synod

1998, “Passage of Hate Crimes Legislation“, Executive Council

1997, “Fidelity and Integrity in all Covenanted Relationships“, 21st General Synod

1996, “Equal Marriage Rights for Same-sex Couples“, Directorate of the Office of Church in Society

1996, “Equal Marriage Rights for Same Gender Couples“, Board of Directors of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries

1993, “Resolution Calling on the Church for Greater Leadership to End Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians“, 19th General Synod

1993, “A Call to End the Ban against Gays and Lesbians in the Military“, 19th General Synod

1991, “Resolution on Virginia Privacy Laws“, 18th General Synod

1991, “Resolution on Affirming Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Persons and their Ministries“, 18th General Synod

1989, “Resolution Deploring Violence against Lesbian and Gay People“, 17th General Synod

1987, “Resolution on the Right to Privacy“, 16th General Synod

1985, “Resolution Calling on United Church of Christ Congregations to Declare Themselves Open and Affirming“, 15th General Synod

1983, “Report of the Task Force for the Study of Human Sexuality“, 14th General Synod

1983, “Resolution Recommending Inclusiveness on Association Church and Ministry Committees within the United Church of Christ“, 14th General Synod

1983, “Resolution in Response to the Concerns of Same-gender Oriented Persons and their Families within the United Church of Christ“, 14th General Synod

1983, “Resolution on the Institutionalized Homophobia within the United Church of Christ“, 14th General Synod

1980, 81, “Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Revision“, Executive Council

1977, “Recommendations in Regard to the Human Sexuality Study“, 11th General Synod

1977, “Resolution Deploring the Violation of Civil Rights of Gay and Bisexual Persons“, 11th General Synod

1975, “Resolution on Human Sexuality and the Needs of Gay and Bisexual Persons“, 10th General Synod

1975, “A Pronouncement: Civil Liberties without Discrimination Related to Affectional or Sexual Preference“, 10th General Synod

1973, “Human Sexuality and Ordination“, Executive Council

1969, “Resolution on Homosexuals and the Law“, Council for Christian Social Action